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Annual Cardboard Boat Race
Thank You for making our 2017 event a great success!!!


Saturday, August 11, 2018 at the Ocean Gate Wildwood Pier.
Rain Date TBD


The challenge will be to design, construct and race a boat made of cardboard around a marked course in Toms River off the Wildwood Pier, in Ocean Gate. We know what you're thinking, but a cardboard boat really can float if you construct it wisely! Teams must have a minimum of one and maximum of 4 sailors. Race teams will be in four divisions: community/corporate, elementary/middle school-age youth, high school-age youth and family. The Cardboard Boat Challenge and Ocean Gate Day is a great opportunity for youth groups, scouts, civic clubs, families and businesses to have fun together while enjoying a beautiful day on the bay. Teams construct their boats out of corrugated cardboard in advance and race around the designated course. The Regatta is open to participation from businesses, schools, youth groups, groups of friends, and non-profit organizations desiring to build a boat and participate. This is a wonderful team-building experience; giving people an opportunity to work together toward a common goal and have a lot of fun doing it



You can submit your registration by mail, before the date of the Races, by visiting Borough Hall for the Registration Form, completing the information requested and mailing it to the address on the form, together with your check. Please submit your mailed Registration Form at least 10 days before the event, to allow for delivery and processing.

You can also register in person on the date of the event, beginning at 9:00 am, at the Registration Desk at the race site. Registration is $10 per boat if received by July 29th  and the day of the race for $20 per boat. For additional information, contact Jack Trovato 732-558-1610.  Even if you don't participate in the boat challenge, come watch the boat race and cheer on your favorite team!




1.       The ENTIRE boat must be built from cardboard & duct tape. Duct tape may be used to reinforce seams.  

  1. Corrugated Cardboard, Carpet Tubes, Cardboard Blocks can be found at recycling centers, appliance stores, department stores, discount clubs, electronics stores. Any thickness of corrugated cardboard is permitted.  
  2. Pre-treated cardboard such as waxed cardboard is allowed. No paint or varnish is allowed on the day of the event, all paint & varnished cardboard must be cured prior to boat launch. Paints and varnish are intended to be used as decorative elements only-not waterproofing.

4.       Fastening material is to be duct tape only.

5.       Hull wrapping in duct tape is allowed.

6.       Decorations are allowed and encouraged provided they are not used as structural or floatation elements.

7.       Crew costumes are encouraged.

  1.  Design i Design is left to builder(s). Let your imagination take over.

9.       Each boat must carry a closed gallon plastic jug with 10' rope tether firmly secured to the vessel. Gallon jugs are to remain inside boat while racing; they are not to be used as floatation for the vessel. This is for use in locating and retrieving any sunken remains.

10.   The crew compartment CANNOT be enclosed so as to interfere with escape.


NO wood, plastic, rubber, inflatable devices, Styrofoam, fiberglass or plastic or shrink wrap can be used

NO caulking compounds, two-part/mixed adhesives, glues or epoxy mixtures or coatings are allowed.

NO electrical, gasoline, benzene, propane or other chemical or electrical propulsion systems are permitted. Only exception is one inflatable dingy paddle per crewman.

NO surfboard style boat is allowed.



 1. Boat occupants must wear appropriately sized, properly fastened, U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets. LIFE JACKETS MUST BE SUPPLIED BY AND WORN BY ALL PARTICIPANTS ON THE BOAT WHILE IN THE WATER.

2. The passenger area of the boat must not be permanently enclosed above the shoulders of the occupants. Each occupant must be visible while the boat is in the water.

3. Boats must be free of sharp edges or anything that could pose a danger.

4. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or other substances that might impair a participant's judgment will not be permitted before or during the race. No alcohol is permitted.

5. Children under 8 years of age will not be permitted to race.

6. All participants must be able to swim.




1.       Each boat must have a designated captain. The captain must check in at the Registration Table area on the day of the race by noon.

2.       To qualify for trophy the boat must correctly navigate the race course around the buoys. All crew members must be in the boat as it crosses the finish line.

3.       Elementary /Middle school-age Sailors boats must start the race in the boat. All others must start the race out of the boat. Only Elementary / middle school -age sailor can get a pushing off.

4.       Any boat and/or crew not ready to race at the designated time will be disqualified.

5.       Participants must retrieve their boats - or their remains - from the water.




Participant Rules

During competition, crew must be IN the boat, not towing it, or holding it between their legs, swimming, or allowing the life jacket to provide the floatation of the vessel.

NO pets can occupy a boat during competition.

Throwing water on another boat is reason for disqualification, unless said water comes from the incidental splash of a paddle or other propulsive devise.

Contestants are expected to maintain the decorum and dignity expected of a yachtsmen.

Sunken or discarded boats must be disposed of in designated trash receptacle.


Boat Classification

Elementary /middle school-age youth Sailors (8 to 11 years)

High school-age youth Sailors (12 to 17 years)

Adult / Family Sailors (18 and Up)

Community/corporate Sailors 



Spirit Award - Judges choose the most spirited team.

The Titanic Award - The Titanic Award is given to the team of the boat that sinks in the most spectacular fashion.

Fastest Finish Awards - Winner in each division 

Judges' Award -To guarantee an award, $imply chat with the judge$. Bribe$ are gladly accepted and benefit Ocean Gate First Aid Squad.

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